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7 Marketing Lessons Of 2012 To Date

05 August 2012 16:05

1. Ensure that your online presence has the flexibility to repsond to the whims of Google. As long as Google continues to be the dominant force in Search Engines, any website seeking to be ranked highly against given keywords must be structured in a way to accomodate the changing algorithms of Google.  For example, in the last 12 months, google has actively penalised websites that have duplicate content and supported sites that have integrated social media activity.

2. Investigate networking events but assess if the financial outlay PLUS time commitments make it a viable part of your marketing mix compared to your other marketing activity.  It has a place...but it should be measured just like any other marketing activity.

3. Don't get drawn in by the hype of Events!  The Olympics (and to some extent the Jubilee) has proved to be a useful marketing tool for corporate sponsers and big business but failed to set of fireworks in the marketing plans of 99% of the businesses in Britain.

4. Consider cost at every stage but also bear in mind long term effects.  For example, consider the long-term exposure for your brand of a promotional mug on a prospect's desk versus a paper based direct mail piece.

5. Spend quality time on your social media activity ensuring you choose your platforms well.  B2B targeting must look at different avenues to B2C marketing although always bear in mind that Google makes no distinction and is just awarding brownie points on any activity.

6. Ignore the emails from abroad offering low cost SEO activity with guaranteed results.  If it sounds too good to be usually is!

7. Choose your suppliers carefully!  From marketing agencies and pr agencies through to printers and promotional merchandise suppliers there is a plthora to choose from.  Check credentials and ensure costs are clearly agreed before proceeding.